DO YOU NEED Driveway Installation? Driveway Cleaning? Driveway Sealing?

What is the very first impression visitors get of your house?

Yes, its the condition of your driveway and a poorly maintained drive shows a lack of care and neglect, and contrarily a well-kept one will look fantastic and give your visitors a wow factor!

Our services include driveway paving, block paving, cobblestone paving, crazy paving, resin bound surfacing, driveway cleaning and much more.

We have a good reputation with a significant number of customers in Peterborough and the surrounding areas for providing high-quality driveway builds and cleaning.

We are very confident that our service is second to none and are happy to provide references.


Block paving has become very popular because of its versatility; range of styles and looks fantastic. We also do slabs, natural stones, gravel and tarmac and a lot more!

We pave driveways to last using high-quality materials. That is why we construct in a way which guarantees a long-life span while retaining its quality and style.

Of course, we also do repairs or renovate existing driveways because of displacement or sunken bricks or slabs due to inadequate foundations.

As Bradstone Certified Installer our work is of the highest quality!


driveway paving


Driveways generally get neglected; and over the years it accumulates dirt, grime, algae and moss and in the end, it looks unpleasant and reflects on the whole property.

Our services include cleaning driveways, patios, facades, paths and much more!

We use environmentally friendly products to break down the moss and kill fungus spores. The surface is then cleaned using high-pressure industrial washing equipment.



After cleaning we use sealant to protect your investment. Sealing with acrylic sealer not only protects but increases the lifespan of your drive. It rejuvenates and breaths new life into your drive.

You will be amazed at how great your drive will look.

driveway sealant